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Emma attends Michael Kors Launch of Claiborne Swanson Frank’s Young Hollywood

I’ve added a new event from Emma that she attended back in October third of this year and might I add that Emma looks completely flawless and that this perhaps is my favorite look of her! I think next on my list is to go through all the high-quality photos of Emma or screen cap Emma’s TV show called Prisoner Wives. One of the two will be the next update hopefully since Emma is laying low.

Public Appearances > 2014 > Oct 3rd-Michael Kors Launch Of Claiborne Swanson Frank’s Young Hollywood x16

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3 New Photoshoots Added

I’ve have these on my laptop forever and I can’t believe that I didn’t update the site with them until now. Here are 3 stunning photoshoots that I bring you that Emma has done within the recent years. I can’t wait for the next stunning photoshoot that she does!

Photoshoots > Shoot 016 x07
Photoshoots > Shoot 017 x02
Photoshoots > Shoot 018 x06

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Emma Attends the Sony Pictures Classic 2014 Oscar Dinner

As promise I’ve added another event that Emma attended this year. Sadly the last two events thus far I don’t have any photos of. I have more stuff up my sleeves for you guys. I’ll soon start to cap Emma from Prisoner Wives. I can’t wait to watch the series!

Public Appearances > 2014 > March 1st- Sony Pictures Classic 2014 Oscar Dinner x28

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‘Once Upon A Time’ Season 4 Spoilers: New Scoop On The Knave And ‘Wonderland’ Ending

The Season 4 premiere of “Once Upon a Time” is quickly approaching. The hit ABC fairytale drama returns on Sunday, and we’ve got some scoop you need to know before the magic begins – like how the canceled spinoff series, “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland,” ties into the coming season.

The success of “Once Upon a Time” led ABC to pick up “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.” But the new show couldn’t capture the fan base of the original. Despite a different set of fairytale characters and a new story, the show failed to launch – but that doesn’t mean that those characters are disappearing. Will Scarlet aka the Knave (Michael Socha) will be making his way from “Wonderland” to Storybrooke.

As we previously reported, the Season 4 synopsis teased that Will Scarlet, a former thief and member of Robin Hood’s (Sean Maguire) Merry Men, will find himself “intertwined in the goings-on in town for the first time as his mysterious past pushes him to an unknown future.” Now, creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz revealed a little bit more about the character’s move in an interview with TV Line. According to the co-creators, the Knave’s role with Robin Hood and the Merry Men will “come into play very early.”

Last time viewers saw Will in the series finale of “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland,” Jafar (Naveen Andrews) had resurrected Anastasia (Emma Rigby), Will’s one true love. The twist? A love spell made Anastasia fall in love with Jafar. True love’s kiss always overpowers, though, and Will was able to break the spell and free Anastasia. But there was one more twist – Anastasia died again after Nyx (Leah Gibson) turned Jafar into a genie.

While it initially didn’t look like Will was going to get his happy ending, a little of the Well of Wonders water was able to revive Anastasia once more. The series concluded with the wedding of Alice (Sophie Lowe) and Cyrus (Peter Gadiot) in London with all her friends from Wonderland. While Alice and Cyrus lived a happy life in London, Will and Anastasia returned to Wonderland for their fairytale ending … but that doesn’t reveal how he’ll end up in Storybrooke.

Fortunately, Kitsis is promising answers in Season 4 of “Once Upon a Time.”

“We will be explaining why he’s in town and what happened” since the spinoff ended, the co-creator explained to TV Line. “I can tease that he fits rather nicely into Storybrooke. His introduction is a really fun one.”

The Knave will reportedly resurface in episode 3 of “Once Upon a Time’s” Season 4, titled “Rocky Road.” The episode will allegedly reveal more of Emma Swan’s backstory, and air on Sunday, Oct. 12.

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Emma attending 2014 Great British Oscar Reception

As promise I’ve added a new event that Emma attended in February. I will continue to add event photos of Emma.I am also debating on if I am going to redo all the appearances so that we have them in UHQ or HQ.

Public Appearances > 2014 > Feb 28th- 2014 GREAT British Oscar Reception in Los Angeles x28

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Plastic UK Premiere High Quality Photos Added

I’ve been so busy adding missing projects and catching up on things that I’ve neglected the public appearances that Emma has made this year. So I’ve started with the Plastic UK Premiere. I will continue to add more appearances through out this week. I’m also considering redoing all the appearances so we have them in UHQ to HQ.

Public Appearances > 2014 > April 29th- Plastic’ UK Premiere, Odeon West End, London x25

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Happy 25th Birthday Emma Rigby!


Everyone here who support Emma would like to wish her a great birthday. I’m sure if she’s in London that most likely her birthday is almost over. But in the states it’s only 1 pm so I’m wishing her a happy birthday now. We can’t wait to see what she has in store for us. Here’s hoping that she makes a cameo or something on this season of Once Upon A Time. But I must admit that its awkward that Once Upon A Time: In Wonderland? Cause it is for me!