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Looking for Affiliates & New Look Coming Soon

We are currently looking for affiliates on the site. If you are interested then please fill out an application by going here. I am also going to be revamping the site with a new layout, updating the content and getting a new look for the both the gallery and main page. I will hopefully screen-capture Emma’s recent TV appearance in Death in Paradise.

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Our site is now on facebook and twitter. Please make sure to like our page and follow us on twitter for the latest on the news of Emma Rigby. I will try and upload some more photos since I haven’t made a big update in awhile. Keep on the lookout! There is more in store. I’d like to thank the people who have already liked the page as I’m hoping to expand her fan base.


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New Theme!

We now have a new wordpress and new gallery theme thanks to Kaci. I’ve been wanting to do put up a new layout for quiet some time now! I will hopefully within the next couple of days be screen capping Emma’s movie The Physician. I’m actually really dying to see it. I also have to screen captures Endless Love, Once Upon A Time In Wonderland (the missing episodes) and add a bunch of stills from various episodes of Once Upon A Time. So stay tune and I will most likely be updating the website with something the next couple of days.

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New Owner!

So I am please to announce that I am the new owner of Emma Rigby Fan. I’m so excited to get this site up and running fully again. I will be updating within the next few days as I will be adding tons of stuff. I have stills, captures and tons of stuff that I’m going to be adding to the site from Once Upon A Time in Wonderland! Watch out!

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Welcome to Emma Rigby Fan, your fansite for actress, you may know her from Hollyoaks, Prisoner’s Wives and Once Upon A Time In Wonderland, I ran last year and I missed the site so I decided to start anew.

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