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Emma Rigby ‘I don’t wanna be famous’

She is most known for starring on Channel 4 soap Hollyoaks as Hannah Ashworth.

But while Emma Rigby insists she still loves acting, she isn’t fazed by the glamorous lifestyle that often comes with it.

The actress, 27, admits that she had no desire to be ‘famous’ or a ‘celebrity’ and instead wants to use her voice to help those who are far more in need. Turning her back on Hollywood, where she had been living before recently moving back to London, Emma has jetted into Northern Kenya to assist CAFOD – an aid agency that is a member of the Disaster Emergency Committee. She met with communities that are currently living in desperate conditions and are forced to live on aid, as they have been left with nothing due to their tumultuous living environment and lack of access to resources.

Speaking exclusively to MailOnline about the trip, Emma – who is an ambassador for CAFOD after reaffirming her Catholic faith earlier this year – admitted it had been ‘overwhelming’. She described her experience of meeting with the different communities and witnessing the conditions they live in as ‘heartbreaking and devastating to see’.

‘It’s really making me realise how things need to change,’ Emma said. ‘How we live our lives and the things that we think are significant… it’s almost like being on another planet. ‘The communities we are going to, they are sort of the forgotten communities because they are very hard to reach due to poor infrastructure, there’s not even roads to access the community.

‘People have to move because they have nothing, it’s been incredibly emotional.’

The acting talent admitted that she purposely doesn’t have any social media accounts, as she has made a conscious decision not to dabble in the online trend that has swept across the globe.

She claimed that it puts unnecessary pressure on young people to look a certain way and behave a certain way.

Emma continued: ‘Social media has created this sense of reality that is not reality… it’s insignificant. Being here in Kenya, this is our reality. This is where our focus should be. ‘There is so much pressure and focus on young people to conform and behave a certain way.

‘I don’t have any social media, it doesn’t interest me whatsoever,’ she insisted. ‘It doesn’t matter what you look like, it’s who you are that should be celebrated.

‘For me, I’m a very private person. It’s not something I have an interest in. I’m an actress – I don’t necessarily want to be famous and a celebrity, it’s about the acting.

‘The people that I respect – Judie Dench, Julie Walters – I just can’t imagine them being on social media. It’s a personal choice, but I’m quite shy as an individual.’

Emma’s trip to Kenya has given her a new outlook on life and she insists that going forward, she wants to be able to engage others about the problems other communities are facing across the globe.

For the blonde beauty, the chance to pursue acting projects with a ‘moral message’ is something she would relish, having been inspired by Hollywood star Angelina Jolie. ‘I was really inspired by Angelina Jolie’s work with the UN because she was doing something really important,’ Emma said.

Referencing BBC drama Three Girls – that recalled the stories of the victims of grooming and sexual abuse in Rochdale – Emma added: ‘I would like to tell stories that really make a difference. They are the sort of projects I would like to do now.’

While Emma did have experience of raising awareness through her work, thanks to her gruelling anorexia storyline on Hollyoaks, she isn’t keen to make a soap return.

Emma revealed: ‘Even people today say [Hannah’s story] really touched them.

‘It’s really rewarding and I love acting so much, so I feel very fortunate to have been able to do that.

‘It was the greatest opportunity to be on Hollyoaks, it was a real education, but no, I think everything has a time and I’m keen to move forward.’

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‘Acting is my first love’: Emma puts romance on the back burner as she focuses on screen and stage career

She won acclaim and an army of fans for her role as Hannah Ashworth on hit soap Hollyoaks and has since gone on carve out a career for herself in Hollywood.

And as Emma Rigby settles back in the UK – with plans to appear on the West End stage – the 27-year-old actress is resolutely putting her love life on the back burner.

The blonde beauty told MailOnline: ‘I’m single and I have been for a long time. I just focus on career and I have done for many, many years. I’ll continue to do so. ‘For me, this is my first love and really have to give everything. It’s about hard work and determination. There’s so much that I want to do and achieve and I feel like you have to be selfish and really commit to it.’

Emma – who once dated Nottingham Forest footballer Matt Mills – is adamant not to tread down a path followed by so many of her contemporaries, who have become more famous for their personal lives than their screen work.

As such, the actress – who recently returned to her Merseyside hometown of St Helens after a number of years in Los Angeles – has decided to completely eschew social media. ‘It’s a difficult one, because I’m so grateful to all the fans that supported me when I first started on Hollyoaks at 14 and have supported me and watched my other work,’ she told MailOnline.

‘Having social media is such a powerful tool. You can give back to your fans and share a journey with them. However, for me personally, I’m super private and I just kind of keep myself to myself.

‘And I love acting, so I just kind of make sure it’s about acting as opposed to my life. Especially with the journey that I’ve come from.

‘Unfortunately there’s lots of people that still have the preconceived ideas, like I’m Northern, I was on Hollyoaks, negative things, which is just so ridiculous, because that’s not me. I’m actually proud where I’ve come from.’ Since settling back in the UK – ahead of her plans to make a move down to London in the New Year – Emma recently enjoyed a reunion with her former Hollyoaks family.

In a picture shared on Twitter, she was seen posing with Andy Moss, Sonny Flood, Jim Millea, Anthony Quinlan – and it was an ’emotional’ experience.

‘It was fantastic,’ cooed Emma. ‘These were people that played my family… They were my co-stars, but we also became like a real family. It’s such fond memories for me… It was just amazing to be together and be a part of it.

‘Meeting them cemented the idea that I was happy to be back. I was so excited to be back in England and see them. When we saw each other, nothing had changed. We’re still all the same people. It was emotional and funny.’ After experiencing a real-life Cinderella story in her rise from humble beginnings in Merseyside to now counting such stars as James Franco as pals, Emma will next hit screens in the American family movie A Cinderella Christmas.

The movie sees the actress take on the role of Angie, who spends her days working hard to run her uncle’s events business while her cousin takes all the credit.

When Angie takes one night off to have fun at the Christmas Masquerade Ball, the mask and gown allow her to let loose, and she quickly catches the eye of a wealthy local bachelor.

In a modern take on the classic fairytale, he is then tasked with tracking down the woman who attracted his attentions, only to disappear. After enjoying success, Emma has been determined about giving back, making a trip to her old secondary school to speak with students at a special prize-giving ceremony.

And she used her visit as an opportunity to engage the graduating students about following their dreams, though she’s passionate about the lack of funding allowing them to pursue careers in the arts and other fields.

‘I just think it’s so wrong,’ she said ‘I was really blessed that I had a supportive mother, but in the North you don’t have the same access. How are people supposed to achieve things if they don’t have the government funding for after-school activities?

‘I wanted to try and show them that I’m from nothing. I don’t have any contacts or money. I’m still on my journey but I’m getting there because of commitment, hard work and a real love for what I do.’

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Emma Rigby to become a future Bond Girl?

There is a vast amount of British talent in the acting industry these days and that has most certainly been proven by the 2015 Oscar nominations, with a large number of British stars up for awards this year. However, while there are a lot of British stars who have become very well-known in Hollywood in recent years, there are some others who are still working hard to prove themselves in the acting industry.

One such British star is the English actress Emma Rigby, who rose to stardom playing the role of Hannah Ashworth in the British soap Hollyoaks, before leaving the show to try to get some more challenging projects and prove her acting talent. Since leaving Hollyoaks, Emma has enjoyed a relative amount of success, taking on some interesting and exciting acting projects along the way.

With Emma Rigby continuing her rise in Hollywood, there have been some fans calling for the actress to land some bigger and better roles in the coming years and we have no doubt that she has what it takes to mix it with the best that Hollywood has to offer. We think the ideal role for Emma to continue her progress in Hollywood would be as a future Bond Girl, which could open plenty more doors for the star.

Unfortunately, if we were to ever get to see Emma Rigby as a Bond Girl, we would have to wait a while, as the new James Bond movie Spectre has already confirmed its casting, with actresses Lea Seydoux and Monica Bellucci landing roles in the film. We have no doubt that Emma has the talent and the looks to become a huge success in Hollywood and we hope to see her realising her potential in the future.

Which role do you think would be perfect for Emma Rigby?

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‘Once Upon A Time’ Season 4 Spoilers: New Scoop On The Knave And ‘Wonderland’ Ending

The Season 4 premiere of “Once Upon a Time” is quickly approaching. The hit ABC fairytale drama returns on Sunday, and we’ve got some scoop you need to know before the magic begins – like how the canceled spinoff series, “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland,” ties into the coming season.

The success of “Once Upon a Time” led ABC to pick up “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.” But the new show couldn’t capture the fan base of the original. Despite a different set of fairytale characters and a new story, the show failed to launch – but that doesn’t mean that those characters are disappearing. Will Scarlet aka the Knave (Michael Socha) will be making his way from “Wonderland” to Storybrooke.

As we previously reported, the Season 4 synopsis teased that Will Scarlet, a former thief and member of Robin Hood’s (Sean Maguire) Merry Men, will find himself “intertwined in the goings-on in town for the first time as his mysterious past pushes him to an unknown future.” Now, creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz revealed a little bit more about the character’s move in an interview with TV Line. According to the co-creators, the Knave’s role with Robin Hood and the Merry Men will “come into play very early.”

Last time viewers saw Will in the series finale of “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland,” Jafar (Naveen Andrews) had resurrected Anastasia (Emma Rigby), Will’s one true love. The twist? A love spell made Anastasia fall in love with Jafar. True love’s kiss always overpowers, though, and Will was able to break the spell and free Anastasia. But there was one more twist – Anastasia died again after Nyx (Leah Gibson) turned Jafar into a genie.

While it initially didn’t look like Will was going to get his happy ending, a little of the Well of Wonders water was able to revive Anastasia once more. The series concluded with the wedding of Alice (Sophie Lowe) and Cyrus (Peter Gadiot) in London with all her friends from Wonderland. While Alice and Cyrus lived a happy life in London, Will and Anastasia returned to Wonderland for their fairytale ending … but that doesn’t reveal how he’ll end up in Storybrooke.

Fortunately, Kitsis is promising answers in Season 4 of “Once Upon a Time.”

“We will be explaining why he’s in town and what happened” since the spinoff ended, the co-creator explained to TV Line. “I can tease that he fits rather nicely into Storybrooke. His introduction is a really fun one.”

The Knave will reportedly resurface in episode 3 of “Once Upon a Time’s” Season 4, titled “Rocky Road.” The episode will allegedly reveal more of Emma Swan’s backstory, and air on Sunday, Oct. 12.

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Former Hollyoaks Babe Emma Rigby Steals Spotlight At ‘Plastic’ Premiere With Statuesque Poses On Red Carpet

The 24-year-old looked every inch a gorgeous goddess in a white Tom Ford floor-length gown, fringed at the bottom with a side split which she teamed with a pair of gold heels, while her bronzed make-up matched perfectly.
It was a huge night for Emma, who plays Frankie in the film, and she explained to EntertainmentWise how she has always aspired to venture into films.

“I’ve always wanted to be in films and I’m so grateful for my opportunity that I had with Hollyoaks to be able to learn my craft from the age of 14 to be there for five years to work everyday,” Emma told us.

“And now I’m fulfilling my passion through this film and now I’m learning as much as possible with different people with comedy, drama and eventually I’d love to do some theatre.”

Emma confused onlookers though, with the actress pulling a series of strange poses looking startled and wooden at times.

Joining Emma on the red carpet were her co-stars, We’re The Millers actor Will Poulter, Sebastian De Souza and Ed Speleers.

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[NEWS] Michael Socha set to join ‘Once Upon a Time’ as series regular — EXCLUSIVE

Wonderland fans, your wish is close to coming true: The Knave of Hearts is headed to Storybrooke. Actor Michael Socha is expected to join Once Upon a Time as a series regular next season.

This is not yet a done deal because Once Upon has not been officially renewed. While the Sunday fantasy drama is considered a lock by insiders to return, ABC hasn’t announced any of their 2014-15 pick-ups yet. When the order comes in, we’re told producers will exercise their option to bring aboard Socha, who charmed viewers on Once Upon‘s spin-off this season Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.

When ABC confirmed they were not picking up Wonderland for a second season last week, the top upvoted comment on our story was: “Can we at least keep Michael Socha on Once?” and the second was: “I hope some of the characters from Wonderland show up on the main show” while another was: “I will start the EW commenter petition to keep Michael Socha on Once Upon A Time: Original Recipe.” Socha played Will Scarlet/The Knave of Hearts on Wonderland this season, a sardonic adventurer, romantic, and thief who aided Alice (Sophie Lowe) and was enchanted into becoming a genie.

As for the rest of the Wonderland cast, we’re not hearing of any other names going to the flagship show, at least not at this time (given the expansive Once Upon universe, it’s best not to count anything out). (So there is a chance that Emma might crossover to be honest. I mean he’s gonna need his true love!)

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Wonderland Canceled: Will the Actors Move to Once Upon a Time?

There is an end to the rabbit hole, friends.

ABC has canceled Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, the network confirms. The news shouldn’t come as a shocker to anyone who saw the promo for the season finale on April 3, which is being billed as a “series finale.”

Sneaky little way to break the news, ABC!

While mothership series Once Upon a Time has remained strong in the ratings this season (helping ABC on many Sundays to win the night), Wonderland struggled in its challenging slot on Thursday night.

So will the stars of Wonderland portal on over to the original series?

Executive producers Adam Horowitz and Eddie Kitsis said there are no current plans to merge the two series, but it’s definitely a possibility.

“The two stories kind of take place in different times,” Kitsis pointed out a recent press event, before the news of Wonderland’s cancellation was announced.

“[Wonderland and OUAT] are slightly out of sync,” Horowitz added. “I would say that we love the characters in [Wonderland] obviously, and would certainly be open to it down the line…Next year, perhaps.”

ABC president Paul Lee told reporters earlier this year that he regretted the scheduling of Wonderland, which was originally planned as a “bridge” series to air during Once Upon a Time’s break.

“That would have been a natural audience to go through there,” Lee said in January at the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour. “That Thursday slot is difficult. We loved the idea. We knew the creative was great, and so we loved the idea of having a run of empowered women going all the way through Thursday night [with Grey’s Anatomy andScandal]. What we didn’t want to do is play defense on Thursday when we wanted to play offense. But in retrospect, I think it would have done better there and I should have stuck to the earlier idea. … I totally take responsibility for that.” THR first reported the cancellation news.

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OUAT In Wonderland likely to be canceled.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland season 1 is close to wrapping up, with just three episodes left including the one on March 20. So is there going to be a season 2?

The series started off fairly strong with 5.8 million viewers and 1.7 in the 18-49 demographic, but quickly dropped and was at 3.1 and 0.8 as of episode 10.

ABC President Paul Lee admitted earlier this year that he should’ve used the show as a bridge between the first and second half of Once Upon a Time season 2, but wanted to play “offensive.” He wanted to air the show on Sundays at midseason but instead the show is on Thursday nights.

“I should’ve done that,” he said, reported TVLine. “In retrospect, I think it would’ve done better there and I should’ve stuck with the earlier idea. I totally take responsibility for that.”

The spin-off show from Once Upon a Time follows Alice in the same universe as Once Upon a Time, and is similar with many adaptations of tales.

Based on viewing numbers so far, Zap2It predicts that Once Upon a Time in Wonderland is more likely to be canceled than renewed by May 2014.

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Emma Talks ‘Once Upon A Time in Wonderland’s’ Red Queen

So far this season a lot of your screen time has been spent with Naveen Andrews, who plays Jafar. What is it like bringing two classic villains to life and working together?

Working with Naveen is amazing. He is such a talented and experienced actor. He’s playing Jafar and I’m playing the Red Queen, We’re both fighting for the ultimate power and we’re always trying to gain the upper hand.

But also, we’ve begun to explore our relationship with so many different levels to it. It’s like we’re trying to figure out what has gone on with the two characters and what is happening that’s never been shown on screen. I think that’s really interesting. It adds a whole other dimension to the whole piece.

Speaking of past stories, last week we got to take a look into Naveen’s past story and see Jafar as a younger boy. This week we get to take a look into the Red Queen’s arrival as Anastasia in Wonderland. Did you enjoy exploring how the she became the Red Queen?

Yeah! For me, I was so grateful to the writers because this is the best part. My favorite episode that we’ve shot so far is the fifth episode [this week]. For me it was the chance to play two completely different characters. I have Anastasia and I have the Red Queen and although they are the same person, they are completely different characters.

We discover who Anastasia was and we get to explore the side of her and the Knave in this real innocent time. It’s a lot of fun and childlike as we discover what happened and why, suddenly, it became all very dark and there was a drastic transformation in who she is.

It’s almost the day where she stopped being a little girl and became this woman that she wants to be or tries to be. And we see that reflected when we see the scenes back to back with the present day.

Moving forward into the present day, is the Knave and the Red Queen’s future something you’d be interested in exploring?

I’m all for characters’ growth, but I love playing the villain. But you know there is always a surprise. And I think the audience will be surprised by episode 5 and they won’t be disappointed.

There’s lots of things that happen between then and now, as we’re filming episode 10. So lots of things happen as you can expect with Once Upon a Time. It would be interesting to see but there is quite a different relationship between Anastasia and Will and the Red Queen and the Knave. A stark contrast.

Are there any other characters that the audience should pay close attention to this season that may not be around much? For instance, the White Rabbit?

I feel like they’ve always got to pay close attention to why everything happens. Why do people do things? They do it because they want something.

The characters are very selfish, you know. Each character is only doing something because they want to ascertain something. So we see that the White Rabbit has no choice but to work for the Red Queen.

The Red Queen holds the power with a lot of characters. And the only one that she should watch out for is Jafar.

Alice and the Red Queen don’t exactly see eye to eye, but is there a partnership brewing for the pair?

Actually, in this week’s episode we see the first interaction between the Red Queen and Alice. It plays on the idea that the Red Queen is in power in Wonderland and holds a lot of the playing cards. Alice realizes that she has no choice but to help the Red Queen.

So suddenly we see this weird sort of situation where Alice is being forced to come along with the Red Queen. And I think that’s funny because, for the Red Queen, Alice is this annoyance, this girl suddenly in her life that’s causing her all sorts of problems. But they both realize that without each other they can’t achieve their main priority.

[Episode] 5 is a little sidetracked for the Queen because of what has obviously happened in episode 4, what with the Knave being suddenly turned to stone and is a statue in her hedge maze. That was not in the plan. She wasn’t expecting Jafar to do that.

All the time she is trying to conceal from Jafar the relationship she had with Will because she doesn’t want that truth to come out. Jafar’s the one that’s helping her now and the Knave is irrelevant to her…or so we think!