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Emma Rigby to become a future Bond Girl?

There is a vast amount of British talent in the acting industry these days and that has most certainly been proven by the 2015 Oscar nominations, with a large number of British stars up for awards this year. However, while there are a lot of British stars who have become very well-known in Hollywood in recent years, there are some others who are still working hard to prove themselves in the acting industry.

One such British star is the English actress Emma Rigby, who rose to stardom playing the role of Hannah Ashworth in the British soap Hollyoaks, before leaving the show to try to get some more challenging projects and prove her acting talent. Since leaving Hollyoaks, Emma has enjoyed a relative amount of success, taking on some interesting and exciting acting projects along the way.

With Emma Rigby continuing her rise in Hollywood, there have been some fans calling for the actress to land some bigger and better roles in the coming years and we have no doubt that she has what it takes to mix it with the best that Hollywood has to offer. We think the ideal role for Emma to continue her progress in Hollywood would be as a future Bond Girl, which could open plenty more doors for the star.

Unfortunately, if we were to ever get to see Emma Rigby as a Bond Girl, we would have to wait a while, as the new James Bond movie Spectre has already confirmed its casting, with actresses Lea Seydoux and Monica Bellucci landing roles in the film. We have no doubt that Emma has the talent and the looks to become a huge success in Hollywood and we hope to see her realising her potential in the future.

Which role do you think would be perfect for Emma Rigby?